Event Date:
20 October, 2023
Meyana Auditorium, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Doors Open: 19:00,
Show Starts: 20:00
+971 50 768 6418
+971 50 870 2674

starting from 250 AED including a welcome drink

Granny, Iliko, Illarion and I

Witness the premiere of Georgiy Iobadze’s play ‘Granny, Iliko, Illarion, and I,’ based on the book of the same name by the Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze.

This emotional, incredibly kind, and sometimes poignant story revolves around the life and coming of age of a Georgian boy named Zuriko. It delves into his relationship with his grandmother, his interactions with neighbors, his first experience of love, and the inevitable heartaches that accompany growing up.

The narrative is rooted in the irresistible Georgian humor and the enduring optimism of the region’s people. It portrays the simplicity, occasional naivety, and yet, the wisdom of the Georgian way of life.

Experience the touching solo performance that captivated the London audience.




starting from 250 AED including a welcome drink

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