Verka Serduchka

May 27,

On March 26 & 27 M Premiere organized two grand gala-events dedicated to Russian Festive Season celebration. Al Falak ballroom of the world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab accommodated full-house of the VIP guests during both evenings.

The evening traditionally started with a cocktail reception under the accompaniment of Morozov Quartet.

Culinary team of Burj Al Arab served a sumptuous gala-dinner before a magnificent show of the most extravagant artist of Russian pop music Verka Serduchka. The artist truly engaged the audience in her spellbinding musical performance making all admirers of her talent rush to the dance floor to sing and dance along with her.

Artist indeed turned the crowed on with her hits, extravagant theatrical performance of Danylko Theatre and sparkling sense of humor. Endless applause, bouquets of flowers, autographs and fountains of champagne made all guests of the evening to sing encore many times. Due to the special request from one of the regular guest of Russian Seasons in Dubai the pop star extended her performance for another half an hour!

Sponsor of the event Ahmad Kurdi Fine Jewellery presented unique pieces from their jewellery collection during mini-fashion show. Guests were truly impressed by the elegance of jewellery masterpieces presented to them.

Gorgeous collection of elegant furs made of delicate chinchilla fur, barguzin sable, snow-white lynx, selected Finnish fox, famous finest Namibian karakul and mink and accessories was presented to the audience by another sponsor company Braschi. A lucky winner of the raffle draw received a valuable gift from Braschi.

Dynamic rhythms of the DJ’s performance concluded both evenings.

Below is the link to the video clip from the event which will be broadcasted on FTV.