Piano Virtuoso – Vazgen Vartanian

December 12,

Vazgen Vartanian was born in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from The Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and completed a Professional Studies Program at the Juilliard School in New York. His teachers were such famous musicians as professors Lev Vlassenko, Dmitri Sakharov and Jerome Lowenthal.

Vartanian’s performance charms. This artist has a special gift and unconditional ownership of the audience. All his sounds are alive, seeming to come not only out of his fingers but mainly from his heart. His repertoire includes almost all times, directions, genres and forms. Featuring a striking sense of style, Vartanian, however, has created his own, completely unique interpretations of classical music, challenging the conventional interpretations of the patterns. Vartanian also turns his hand to transcription and processing, both for piano and for piano and orchestra.

“Vartanian is a hyper-talented young pianist… He becomes a magician, losing himself in Beethoven and Chopin.” – The New York Times Magazine