Philipp Kirkorov

January 5,

M Premiere has begun to celebrate the tenth Anniversary of the “Russian Seasons in Dubai” loudly. There were four events in a row for the first time in a big history of the company. The most famous and number one in Russia and CIS countries – The King of Pop Music Philipp Kirkorov has opened the grandiose celebration of two-day gala dinner at the World’s Most Luxurious hotel – Burj Al Arab.

Each of his songs is always an absolute hit and every guest of the galas had joined the King of Russian Pop Music to sing along with him. The artist had justified his big title once more, after shows the audience has remained under the impressions of the sparkling concerts.

The sponsor of the events presented a collection of extravagant furs designed by famous Italian designer Maurizio Braschi. The visitors could see the exclusive collection of the luxury furs during the fantastic fashion show featuring the best top-models of the UAE and the Middle East.

One more sponsor of gala dinners – Misahara Jewellery – was heading to Dubai for the first time and exclusively presented the unique Adriatic Collection. Each piece is hand made with one-of-a-kind, limited-edition elements, highlighted by beautiful colors inspired by the Adriatic.

No exaggeration to say that the 4th and the 5th of January 2014 went down in history not also in Dubai but also in the UAE thanks to the unforgettable performances of Philipp Kirkorov and the brightest members of business elite and celebrities who have met together under the roof of the World’s most luxury hotel!