Philip Kirkorov

January 10,

For 2 nights The King of Russian Pop Music Philipp Kirkorov mesmerized audience with his new spectacular show DruGoy, combining all the modern technologies and high-quality musical component. Huge screens, 3D-graphics, light installation, snow machines, computer and animated effects, and a ballet, of course… All this is woven into the music outline of the show that keeps viewers from the first moment to the final chord.

Reality and virtuality of modern life seem to be connected: Kirkorov becomes a part of screen action and sometimes it is impossible to understand – whether it is a person or a picture… Show DruGoy is done according to the singer’s favourite principle: beautiful, expensive and rich. By the end of his 2nd hour performance the stage was covered in a blanket of flowers and being a true artist he rewarded his fans 2 encores and autographs. Some true fans also had the chance to meet the artist in person and had their pictures taken with the icon of Russian Pop music.

A famous bottle-man Zoran Madzirov, who was performing during the entertainment program, amused the audience with his vibrant show playing on the bottles. The artist who performed with Sting, Tito Puente, Tina Turner, Harry Belafonte, Scorpions and Tommy Emmanuel impressed the audience with his new unique music genre.

Title sponsor of the event – jewellery house David Morris – famed for outstanding fine jewellery hand-crafted from the rarest of gems, were showcasing best pieces from their exclusive jewellery collection. Each guest had an opportunity to witness live true jewellery masterpieces, and only a few could afford to become an owner of one of a kind pieces. Models glittered with luxury jewellery weaved around the crowded tables offering audience a glimpse on stunning sets with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and fine diamonds.

Hearts were not only warmed by the wonderful sounds of Philip Kirkorov but also by the collection of extravagant furs designed by famous Italian designer Maurizio Braschi.

Both evenings dedicated to Russian Christmas Celebrations were truly sophisticated, and there is no doubt that each guest left the venue with unforgettable memories which they will cherish for long time.