Kristina Orbakaite

March 29,

“The Princess of Russian stage, her music is popular all over the world” – that’s the way she was introduced to prince Albert at the “World music awards” in Monte Carlo in May of 2000.

Kristina Orbakaite performed in Dubai on the stage of the opulent Johara ballroom, Madinat Jumeirah, on the 29th of March, 2011. In the atmosphere of chic and elegance, accompanied by her show-ballet charming Kristina Orbakaite introduced to the guests of the evening her new program “Kiss Encore”. Enchanting Kristina Orbakaite, who is known for her delicate taste in music, excellent artistic skills and rich repertoire, engaged the audience into a magnificent show, performing her best and all-time hits, such as “Mir, v kotorom ya zhivy”, “Svet tvoei lybvi”, “Priznanie”, and many others.

Designer brand KENZO being one of the sponsors of the evening presented a precious gift from their unique collection to the singer. Another company sponsor Devji gave away few pieces from their luxurious jewellery collection to the lucky winners of the raffle draw. Dj Mowgly who has become a resident of Russian Seasons in Dubai engaged the audience into a spellbinding dance program which concluded the evening.